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6 Things To Remember Before You Decorate For Christmas

filipino family dad, little kid and mom hanging ornaments on the christmas tree

The Philippines, Asia's only Catholic and first Christian nation, goes all out for a holiday. Christmas is celebrated as a three-month-long celebration rather than just for a day like the rest of the world.

"Ber" months as we know it, begin from SeptemBER to DecemBER. The same time when temperatures start to drop, and the cold nights remind people that Christmas is coming. Thus, Filipinos start to make their plans and preparations for Christmas time.

Moreover, family values are highly given importance as part of our culture. With Christmas being the time when families reunite, Filipinos are expected to spend most of their time already thinking and planning for the season.

So before you start unpacking your decorations and building up your Christmas tree this early (don't worry, we're not judging), here are a few reminders so you and your family can celebrate a healthy, safe, and happy Christmas season.

Lift with your legs - not your back

Items like storage bins and Christmas trees usually are very heavy. Instead of lifting with your back, bend at the knees and raise using your legs.

Keep your Outdoor walkway well-lit

Pathways to your home should be clear for foot traffic and lights to help guests see where they are going.

Check your Christmas lights

No matter what type of light you have, ensure that the wirings and bulbs are not broken or burnt and are intact. If you spot faulty bulbs or wires, don't delay updating them or buying a new set immediately.

Hanging lights

Never put anything through wires like staples, nails, or tacks because it will damage the circuit and make them unsafe. Instead, hang lights over or around the tack.

Convert to LED Lights

LED doesn't heat up easily and does not exceed the recommended maximum of 210 watts, which is hazardous to keep near or around flammable objects. If you haven't changed your lights for a long time, consider converting to LED lights.

Tree Decorating

When it comes to your tree, make sure it stands still and holds up. If you have pets indoors, we recommend placing your decors farther from the ground.

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