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A Glimpse of Architecture in Some of the Hottest Netflix Shows Today

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Netflix shows scene in bridgerton emily in paris lucifer

Have you ever been guilty of losing sleep, binging day in and out your favorite Netflix shows?

With remote and hybrid work arrangements being the next big thing, the tremendous amount of time saved from the hassle of commuting has been giving us a little bit, if not much, to unwind and focus on ourselves. Whether it's for a quick escape, entertainment, or to get your creative juices churning, here's another reason to get on with your next binge wink.

One of the most critical aspects of storytelling is the setting— this is where architecture comes in! Through the location where the stories unfold, messages, stories, and atmospheres for various scenes are conveyed in just a matter of seconds.

This time, we're taking a glimpse of architecture in some of the hottest Netflix shows today!

1. Bridgerton

Now the most-watched English series on Netflix, the romantic drama Bridgerton is set in the Regency Era as the siblings look for love and happiness in London high society.

If you're thinking of Bridgerton, you can't miss the iconic Palladian-style mansion "Ranger's House" and the architectural centerpiece of Maritime Greenwich "Old Royal Naval College."

(Ranger's House & Old Royal Naval College)

2. Emily in Paris

Netflix comedy-drama series Emily in Paris reminds you of that Parisian dream. The backdrop is modern-day Paris for Emily’s eventful and sometimes tormenting journey looking for love and her place as an American in a Parisian marketing agency.

Aside from the Eiffel Tower, the World Heritage Sites "Palace of Versailles" in its Baroque splendor and the deck arch bridge that spans the Seine in Paris "Pont Alexandre III" should not be missed.

(Palace of Versailles & Pont Alexandre III)

3. Lucifer

The mystery urban fantasy series Lucifer explores the story of a devil living in the night-life and gets caught up in a detective investigation of a murder in modern-day Los Angeles.

Some memorable scenes were shot in the art deco-inspired Roman and Greek buildings of "Griffith Observatory" and in the luxurious modern lodge-style "Grouse Mountain Lodge."

(Griffith Observatory & Grouse Mountain Lodge)

4. The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window

Famous for its super long title, the thriller dark comedy series is set in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, California, in modern day time.

Throughout the series, you'll see the architectural styles from three eras, as well as the beauty the area is known for— even just through the window! The homes in "Angelino Heights" are influenced by the Turn of the Century, Revival, and Victorian eras!

(Angelino Heights, LA)

5. Inventing Anna

Inventing Anna explores a true-to-life-inspired story of the extravagant and fabulous life of Anna Delvey in modern-day New York as she fakes it to the top.

The building she could never have, standing at 281 Park Avenue in New York is the medieval-inspired "Church Missions House" and the lavish art deco Moroccan design of one of the leading hotels in the world "La Mamounia."

(Church Missions House & La Mamounia)

Architecture's aesthetics are really like a beautiful spell. It controls our senses and, in this case, provides a starting point for the imagination. Through these elements, viewers can immerse themselves in the storyline, regardless of time, atmosphere, and place. All of it makes us appreciate a good series, even a character, a lot more! So, are you ready to binge some more Netflix shows? Make some popcorn and add these shows to your watch list!


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