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Adding Textures to Your Home

textured wall and receiving area

Bring more personality to your project, you can achieve this with the proper use of textures!

Textures significantly help keep your environment from seeming flat by adding depth and accentuating character. Whether you want to create a warm ambiance or a more modern setting, adding textures helps boost the appearance and feel of your home to express these qualities.

To help you create the perfect mix that will tie your space together, here are a few ways you can add textures to your home!

Create Focal Points

To make a stronger statement in your space, combine elements that express the same feeling when establishing a focal point. The focal point of your area will be the first thing to catch people's attention, and as a result, it plays a vital role in establishing your space's character.

Have Fun With Fabrics

Bringing a sense of softness to your space adds more comfort and makes it more inviting. Playing with fabrics through furniture, curtains, and even rugs or carpets is a great way to add texture and flair to a room.

Contrast and Complement

Color and lighting greatly help you create complimentary and contrasting features for your space— this also applies to textures! Combining soft and rough textures, as well as bright and dark tones, can help you in creating a more comfortable and balanced environment.

Majestic Masterpieces

The distinctiveness of art pieces adds a breath of fresh air to your space. These not only offer a touch of charisma to your space but also let you showcase your individuality as they help you effectively incorporate your personality, taste, and vibe into your space.

The simple things often have the most significant impact. Textures are a key piece to the puzzle in creating a space with personality—it's all about emotion and experience! By experimenting with a range of textures, colors, and finishes, you can create a variety of different spaces—each one specifically tailored to the mood you want to make.

Find out how you can elevate your home with JCVA! Email us at or visit to learn more about our services.


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