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An Unsolicited Proposal to Grow the Economy by ETM

Updated: Apr 28

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Focus on the most pressing problems that have a significant impact on the lower income segment of the society. This means food security as economic managers call it. But more specifically, modernize agriculture to improve yield, lower wastage, and encourage a more efficient supply chain to bring the produce closer to market at the cheapest means. Very important is to protect the local farmers from rampant smuggling.

This initiative will entail government investments for irrigation, modern farm equipment and farm-to-market roads, and a generous incentive program for Private Public Partnership to encourage more private investments in agriculture.

Bringing down prices of basic agricultural products contributes to lowering the price index for the greater segment of the population.

Another strategic approach is to promote wider application of farm cooperatives to reverse the negative impact of agrarian reform (i.e., smaller plots of land becoming inefficient) to improve productivity, access to credit and modern technology.

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