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Building a New World with Augmented and Virtual Reality in Construction

Updated: Apr 27

man in a coat and yellow hard hat overlooking a building with the globe reflected

Technology has taken over the world for decades, and the construction industry is one of the many industries that has changed due to these technological advancements. Imagine a world where blueprints come to life before your eyes, where immersive simulations transport you to a future construction site, and where collaboration reaches new heights through virtual meetings.

Construction management firms are now opening the doors to augmented and virtual reality and unlocking a new world of possibilities, empowering professionals to design and construct with unprecedented accessibility, creativity, and precision.

Augmented Reality

What used to be a gimmick in sci-fi movies is now being widely used in many industries, including the construction sector. Augmented Reality (AR) provides construction firms with interactive tools that ensure accuracy from start to finish. It gives builders a 3D model with all the building’s data. This data is displayed digitally over the user’s surroundings in real time. Then, project managers and clients can use this to plan the project, take measurements beforehand, simulate future variations, coordinate remotely, and even provide safety training for workers.

More advanced AR technology uses transparent lenses to support better planning. It can streamline projects and improve collaboration between the project manager and clients. However, AR is rare due to its steep learning curve. It is prone to challenges such as fragility, cost, and a strong internet connectivity requirement. Thus, only a few project management companies in the Philippines are utilizing it.

Virtual Reality

Unlike the former technology, Virtual Reality (VR) offers a more immersive and grounded experience. It utilizes the same technology as AR but connects the user to a virtual world they can freely explore. This virtual world contains a hyperrealistic 3D version of the construction project. Project managers and clients can accurately see how the project will turn out through this model. It will also help set realistic expectations instead of going with incohesive ideas that may become an issue in the long run.

Just like AR, VR can also be used for safety training. Virtual reality allows workers to gain hands-on experience operating machinery in a controlled and secure environment. This minimizes the chances of accidents and equipment damage and provides a platform for trial-and-error learning.

Currently, VR is widely used by construction project development companies in the Philippines for real estate, allowing clients to view their commercial and construction projects easily through virtual visits.

One of the few companies offering this service in the Philippines is JCVA! With our partnership with DigiScript and OpenSpace, project managers can easily track the project’s progress and seamlessly collaborate with clients anytime and anywhere. By using this innovative tool, clients can rest assured that their projects will turn out according to what they envisioned.

OpenSpace utilizes 360-degree 3D simulations through its high-end sensors and cameras to provide a realistic digital representation of your project. This high-tech tool’s speed, accuracy, and completeness will help you see how your project turns out and mediate with ease whenever technical issues arise on the construction site.

Revolutionizing Construction with JCVA

A new era of construction has begun, and Augmented and Virtual Reality are leading the way. These cutting-edge technologies have transformed how we design, collaborate, and construct. While similar, VR offers a more accessible and immersive experience, allowing project managers and clients to explore hyperrealistic 3D models of their projects to plan and collaborate from start to completion effectively.

With JCVA's partnership with DigiScript and OpenSpace, construction consultants in the Philippines can seamlessly track progress and ensure that projects align with the client's vision. Ready to build better businesses with us? Email us at or visit to learn more.



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