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Can You Really DIY This Or Should You Call A Pro?

driller drilling in a piece of wood

Remember when lifestyle channels and Netflix feature renovation shows? It's our favorite!

Due to this ongoing trend and a lot of time spent at home over the past two years, DIY(Do It Yourself) projects have become increasingly common. DIY work can save you a great deal of cost if you have the time to plan and spend the trouble managing materials and labor yourself.

However, there are some house renovations that you should still entrust to the professionals.

It may be worthwhile to consider how you might approach the project, but in the end, hiring a professional is still your best option. Some examples include the following instances:

Electrical Systems

Unless you have been trained as an electrician, you shouldn't engage in electrical system work independently. Electrical work is risky and requires specialized safety equipment and experience to perform correctly and without incident.

Room Expansions

Adding a room to your home is a significant undertaking requiring several sub-skills that are frequently beyond the scope of most homeowners' capabilities. You might be able to pour the foundation or hang the drywall with certainty, but many of the other jobs needed in putting together a new addition require knowledge in skills that you might not have mastered.

Furthermore, many of the materials and work needed in creating a new room and adding it to the design will require significant physical work. For example, you may be an expert with a saw or drill, but basic abilities and physical strength are insufficient when it comes to balancing a large beam while nailing other planks.

Roofing Repairs

Your roof is the first line of defense against rain, wind, and other natural factors coming in from the outside. It also protects your home from pests by trapping conditioned air inside the property, allowing you to maintain a comfortable living environment. As a result, your roof is another home component that you shouldn't attempt to repair on your own.

Roofers not only bring specialized equipment to the job site but also do installations and repairs that are critical to a home's general structure and integrity.

A professional roofer should always do repairs or replacements because they know what to check for in terms of wear patterns and deterioration. Professionals have also learned how to effectively seal off the roof, effectively stopping the possibility of weather and pest-related problems in their tracks.

According to The Washington Post, a good rule of thumb is to consider the DIY option for jobs that don't require a permit. Projects requiring architectural plans and permits and meeting code requirements are best left to professionals. It's never a terrible idea to employ an expert, so define your boundaries and don't hesitate to seek assistance if the project at hand exceeds your level of knowledge and confidence.

If you're merely trying to save money, there's a good chance something will go wrong, especially if you attempt to do something complex. A consultation with a contractor can assist you in estimating costs and determining whether or not you can complete a project on your own.

One of the many inclusive services we offer at JCVA is cost consultancy and quantity surveying. At JCVA, we understand the importance of managing costs following your project objectives. We guarantee establishing the ideal balance of quality and cost for your project. We provide complete and effective cost management and quantity surveying services by providing full project details and a clear outline of the scope of work. Project design planning becomes more manageable with a precise and direct cost plan, and design objectives become more realistic and attainable, saving you money and time.

Are you preparing to undertake a home renovation sometime soon? Email us at and visit to know more about our consultancy offerings.


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