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Forged in fire, JCVA is built better for the future

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

four executives at JCVA

To say that 2020 and 2021 were tough would be an understatement. Everyone was on survival mode — how to survive Covid-19, the recession, and the intense mental exhaustion and pressure the pandemic has caused.

This crazy want to survive has lit a fire in us, sparked a new passion to grow JCVA, and go against all odds the past years have thrown at our company. What the company has achieved starting late 2020 is nothing short of spectacular. We’ve had incredible wins under our belt, invested in our stunning headquarters, and launched our proprietary systems. We’ve also made headway in getting an ISO 9001 certification, created strategic partnerships, and, most importantly, we’ve grown a team that is committed to the values that this company espouses – excellence, client focus, innovation, collaboration, hard work, kindness, and integrity.

The leadership team and I believe that we've hurdled the worst part of this pandemic and while the Omicron variant has thrown a curveball at us, we're still ready and stronger for what's to come next. From survival, we're now set on growth mode. JCVA is no longer the underdog of this industry but rather the dark horse everyone should be watching out for. We are the mavericks and trailblazers who will be setting a new standard for excellence in project management.

With our industry knowledge, customized service, and strength that sprung from our struggles, our boutique and proudly Filipino firm, is set to take on the future.

In our growth, allow us to be a partner of yours. Our bespoke real estate solutions and our team’s spirit of service will help you build your business better.


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