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How Safe is My House?

vector designed house with road cracks beneath

Earthquakes have been hitting the country recently, which makes us wonder, are we ready for "The Big One?" Scientists have projected that an earthquake of such magnitude will strike in the near future, affecting people from all over the world, and the Philippines will undoubtedly be among them.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) investigated 18 potential earthquake scenarios and published thorough damage analyses. In just at least 30 seconds, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake in the West Valley Fault could kill 34,000 people—this doesn't include possible deaths from other disasters that may follow.

We may consider our homes to be secure havens, but with an earthquake this devastating, early steps must be taken. This raises the question, "How safe is my house?"

Simple Self-Check for Earthquake Safety

In response to earthquakes, PHIVOLCS has devised a method to analyze our own houses in a simple and manageable manner to promote inexpensive earthquake evaluation of residences.

The self-check questions you will be asking are closely related to who was involved in the construction of your home, the design and materials used, as well as the history of your home and location with developments and earthquakes. These will help you identify whether your home is safe and what your next steps should be for a safer home. Take the test here to find out if your home is really safe!

To be able to apply proper measures, you start by identifying whether your house is safe and in good condition. Once you are sure how secure it is, only then can you really begin to explore ways to improve the deficiencies in your home so you can protect not just yourself but your family as well.

Stay Safe with JCVA

Find out how you can make your home safer against disasters with a team of qualified and experienced Environment, Health & Safety practitioners dedicated to building better homes. Our team will be present at every step of the process providing expert input, minimizing risk, and ensuring that your home is constructed correctly—from the early design stages to materials procurement and construction.

JCVA is with you every step of the way! Email us at or visit to learn more about our services.


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