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Improving A Tiny Kitchen Space

powder blue kitchen

The kitchen has always been the heart of every home. This is where we make our morning coffee before we head out for work, where we cook meals for people we love and where we remake the magical recipes handed down to us by mom or lola.

Nowadays, kitchens have evolved into a spacious place not only for cooking but for socializing too. If you want to handover your ultimate family Sinigang recipe to your daughter, or you just want to have a cook-off with your cousin who just got back in town from abroad, the kitchen is the place for those fun-filled activities.

But if space is an issue, we can help with that. Here’s a quick guide for a modern looking small kitchen.

If you want to make the most out of a small kitchen and widen the look, we’re glad to share with you these tips from the design principal of Gal at Home Design Studio, Ms. Camyl Besinga:

  1. Open UP your space. Tear down some of the upper cabinets and change to open shelves. This helps visually open up the space because it lessens heavy blocks or modules that clutter up the walls.

  2. Put some color. Quartz or marble looking counters are suggested for our model kitchen. Change out basic wood-look cabinets to something with color, like cerulean or navy, or even olive green. Pick one in an unsaturated, muted tone, so as not to overwhelm the space.

  3. Lighten up the countertops. Condo kitchens normally have black countertops, but lighten things up by making use of a light-colored quartz or synthetic stone. Extend the countertop all the way up to the bottom of the wall cabinets, to visually expand the space."

  4. Lighting for sightings! Lighting is very important because it opens up the kitchen, making it look bigger and wider than its actual size. Consider lighting, add overhead lighting and cabinet uplights. Shorter cabinets are suggested, from 80cm to 65cm to create space between the top of the cabinets and add top light to open up the kitchen’s vibes! Changer the overhead light to 2-3 movable track lights or downlights.

Quick tip: reflector lights help strengthen the light output of the light fixture!

  1. Flooring isn’t boring. Change the flooring from standard beige to something in a light wood finish or look. Laying them out in an alternate or herringbone pattern perpendicular to the long wall could also help widen the look of this narrow kitchen.

  2. Mind the fixture. We can also change the kitchen sink to one deep tub stainless steel 80 inches sink so it's spacious. Plus, you stack it up with lots of dishes and cookware!

  3. Style accordingly. If you want to go for a Mid-Century modern looking kitchen, vintage plates are a must! These go along very well with Amber glasses. However, if it’s a contemporary style you’re aiming for, you may go with stoneware, or a collection of clear glasses.

Quick tip too: Consider installing a dishwasher into one of the bottom modules so you can proceed to binge watch your favorite K-Drama right after dinner!

For the furniture or kitchenware, make sure only to buy and use reliable items with multiple functions. You can’t stack up all your cabinets with items that you barely use or items that are too bulky that only have one purpose.

Also, organizing your cabinets is a big help. You can use easy to reach cabinets and put the items you always use, in front. That will save you time too because you won’t have to rearrange them now and then.

The key to a small kitchen is planning to maximize the space and making sure that the room meets all your needs from cutting to cooking!

We hope these tips helped you achieve your kitchen goals!

Can't wait to refresh your kitchen after reading this blog? Contact us at to begin! You can also read more about Ms. Camyl’s work and see her designs at:

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