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JCVA’s Formworx: providing quality education and opening doors to new opportunities for the youth

JCVA’s Formworx: providing quality education and opening doors to new opportunities for the youth

One of JCVA’s passions is to help empower young engineers in the country. With Engineered to Win, we helped young students prepare for the Boards exams and their careers. We thought of pushing it a little further by actually taking in students under our roof. This gave birth to our year-round internship and externship program, Formworx.


In engineering, a scaffolding is a structure that is temporarily used to support the work crew and materials while a structure or building is being made. Similarly, scaffolding is a concept in education as well. It is a process of learning by which a teacher systematically supports a student’s learning process. As in buildings, this support is only temporary and it is gradually reduced as a student masters tasks or skills. We wanted to bring this philosophy at the heart of our externship program - a place where students can learn skills and gain experiences in a supportive and mentoring environment so they can do well on their own when they eventually join the workforce.

JCVA’s Internship Program

After much planning, Formworx was launched in June 2022. It is the first student program of the company. In partnership with UP Diliman, PUP and TIP, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electric Engineering, and Architecture students get to work alongside our seasoned professionals in our projects. The program has different tracks, apart from the main one which is Project Management, there’s also a Marketing, and HR tracks. In each track, students get extensive exposure to the real estate industry and hands-on experience that will be important in their near future.

This program also provides an avenue for students to ask their questions about their careers and future with the JCVA team who can lend wisdom from their experiences and expert advice..

At JCVA, we strive to build a culture of excellence, teamwork, and kindness and we make sure that our interns see and imbibe this as they go through the program.

Looking for internship opportunities? Stay tuned as we will be posting more about our Formworx!


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