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JCVA Turnkey: The Three Whys

JCVA now provides contracting services for your business needs as we are already PCAB accredited!

As a contractor, we offer turnkey solutions that can meet a range of different business requirements and are made specific to each client’s needs. There are a lot of firms in the industry that offer turnkey solutions, but why exactly should you turn to JCVA?

End-to-End Solutions: From Design to Turnover

Think of turnkey solutions as an end-to-end solution for your real estate needs. Everything you’ll need will be handled for you, you just have to sit and wait until the keys are handed over.

For the delivery of your new site, JCVA can provide:

  • Programming of requirements

  • Concept design and spatial coordination

  • Design documentation

  • Statutory and regulatory compliance

  • Construction management

  • Site surveying and preparation

  • Furniture, fixtures & equipment sourcing and selection

  • Technology solutions planning and sourcing

  • Management contracting

  • Construction progress tracking and reporting

  • Testing and commissioning

Through clear client consultations from the very beginning of the project, JCVA defines and works within your goals in order to deliver your site within the required timeframe and budget.

One Contact, One Contract

Most of the time, multiple contractors and firms are involved in a single project, especially large ones. While there are valid reasons to go this route, having a single firm handle all your construction project needs can be the most efficient choice to make. All the details will be taken care of by a single firm. On top of this, all your meetings and coordination will be cut as there will only be a single point of contact for the project.

With JCVA-made technology, Agile and Vault, monitoring of projects will also be at your fingertips. It’s easy and convenient!

One Firm, Different Solutions

JCVA is an all-around real estate solutions provider offering services from project management to environment, health & safety consulting. That means if there are other things you’ll need, you don’t need to look elsewhere. You would also want a firm that uses global best practices and has expert home-grown talents to help you navigate the local scene. JCVA is in a unique and strategic position to provide exactly that.

Got more questions about JCVA’s Turnkey Solutions? We would love to discuss it with you. Send us an email at and visit to know more about our team and our other services.


JCVA is a real estate consultancy firm composed of a leadership and project team with over 120 years of combined industry experience. Regardless of project scale, quality assurance and risk management remain our priority, and our commitment to on-time and within-budget delivery stands firm.

Our services range from project planning and development, cost consultancy to WELL and LEED advisory. We specialize in providing tailor-fit project management solutions to businesses in need of expeditious and cost-effective means to achieve business goals. JCVA is with you at every point, from the very beginning of the project to when we hand you your keys.

We consider your success to be our own. Guided by your vision and our mission to build better businesses, JCVA delivers bespoke solutions that will lead your project to success.

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