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Obstacles and Opportunities in Construction Project Management

Updated: Apr 28

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The construction industry in the Philippines has been thriving a lot lately, fueled by a combination of factors that have contributed to its growth and development. As the nation continues prioritizing sustainable development and addressing its infrastructure needs, the construction sector is poised to play a crucial role in driving economic growth, creating more employment opportunities, and enhancing its citizens' overall quality of life.

However, just like any other industry, the construction industry is still prone to experiencing challenges and obstacles to its growth and development. Despite the remarkable growth and opportunities, the construction industry in the Philippines still needs to overcome several challenges, particularly in project management.

It helps to acknowledge these pitfalls and proactively find solutions to keep them under control. Here are some common obstacles you must watch out for as a construction project manager.

Obstacles in Construction Project Management

Lack of Definite Goals

Coming across indecisive clients can be frustrating. This indecisiveness often leads to confusion, which may lead to delays, especially if the client’s vision is not communicated enough to the project team. To effectively resolve this issue before it escalates further, project managers must swiftly adapt and maintain constant communication with clients or stakeholders to help them envision their project and ensure they are moving in the right direction.

Poor Risk Management

Unlike other industries, construction is prone to greater and more costly risks. Working on a construction site can be dangerous to the workers. Among the highly hazardous issues in the construction site include slight physical injuries to extensive damages, which only means that project managers should prioritize safety in the workplace no matter how small or big the risks are. Identifying safety risks and problems beforehand can greatly help avoid costly accidents. Moreover, not all projects are the same. Some may be more prone to hazards than others, so project managers must also ensure that safety plans are carefully tailored to each project.

Cost Overruns and Constraints

Budget constraints and overruns are the biggest causes of construction project delays. Project planning requires accuracy, and a lack of proper budget planning can ultimately lead to an unsuccessful project. To avoid running into this issue, project managers must set clear budget expectations. You must also ensure that all deliverables are identified beforehand and reviewed frequently to stay on track. Checking in occasionally ensures no unplanned work or changes may affect the project’s course.

Opportunities in Construction Project Management

While there are many challenges in construction project management, there are still a lot of opportunities in this industry. The current construction boom in the country has opened a greater demand for project managers and skilled people in construction and real estate. “The surging construction market will continue to need planners, engineers, architects, project managers, construction managers, procurement officers, surveyors, estimators, and skilled (crane operators, carpenters, etc.) and non-skilled construction workers (laborers, truck drivers, etc.). You will also see a lot of opportunities in the real estate development side, such as project analysts/researchers, valuation professionals/appraisers, brokers, and project development managers,” Engr. Jason Valderrama shared in a previous interview with Matt Schur of the Project Management Institute.

He also stated that the new developments in the country would boost employment opportunities and drive more international investors and tourists into the Philippines. “Improvements in infrastructure, transportation, and connectivity facilities will likewise spur growth and socio-economic progress in various localities outside of Metro Manila,” Valderrama added.

Building Blocks and Breaking Barriers with JCVA

In the thriving construction industry of the Philippines, project managers face obstacles such as indecisive clients, poor risk management, and budget constraints. However, these challenges can be overcome by emphasizing effective communication, prioritizing safety, and implementing stringent budget planning. As the nation prioritizes sustainable development and infrastructure, successful construction project management becomes a crucial driver of economic growth and improved quality of life. By proactively addressing challenges and seizing opportunities, the industry can continue flourishing and contributing to the nation's progress.

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