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Onsite PPE 2022 Your Construction Must-Haves

engineer holding a yellow hard hat

The acronym PPE has become synonymous with our daily lives, for construction workers, it's all part of the job. To ensure that your job site is following the necessary protocols, here's a list of onsite PPE you need to have.

Hard Hats

This is one of the basics of PPE for your worker's safety to prevent any damage to the head from falling objects because loose materials can be tricky to deal with when combined with an unexpected gust of wind.

High Visibility Safety Vests with Reflective Striping

When working in an area with traffic these shirts ensure that any passing vehicles can see the workers from a distance.

Proper Workwear

All workers must wear the appropriate clothing when onsite like shirts with long sleeves, long work pants, and sturdy boots. In some cases, protective gloves and respiratory protection may also be needed.

  • Shirts with sleeves

  • Long work pants

  • Sturdy work boots

Face Protection

Face shields, safety goggles or glasses are necessary for face protection against burns or other injuries when workers need to cut, grind, or weld materials.

Hearing Protection

Loud noises are common on a construction site and long exposure to them can cause hearing damage. Ear plugs or ear muffs may be needed to prevent long-term damage.

Respiratory Protection

Dealing with dust, powdery chemicals, toxins, and other hazards has a tendency to make its way into the lungs. Full-face respirators, N95 masks, and other breathing apparatuses may be needed to stop the inhalation of these harmful chemicals.

PPE Maintenance

Maintaining the reusability of your PPE is vital because any minor knicks or tears can cause a serious injury later on when not immediately dealt with. PPE should be a last line of defense for workers only after it is determined that some hazards cannot be eliminated. Proper PPE care and education should a foundational part of job site safety where risks can be reduced and workers can continue safely.

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