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Partners in Building Better Businesses

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In pursuing the mission of building better businesses, JCVA strives to connect and strategically partner with the industry’s premier companies and firms. Through the help of JCVA’s partners, the company further strengthens its potential to become among the top construction consultancy firms in the country and continue providing and developing innovative solutions to the community.

PRIME Philippines

JCVA and PRIME Philippines developed a strategic partnership aimed at leveraging each other's expertise and resources by having JCVA as a premier project management arm of PRIME.

PRIME Philippines is a respected and well-known company in the real estate service, with over 10 billion pesos in its portfolio and a powerhouse of experienced and seasoned professionals. The firm offers a wide range of real estate solutions, tailored specifically to the needs of its clients, focusing primarily on long-term efficiency and client satisfaction. PRIME Philippines boasts a strong position in the local industry with its high client satisfaction rating and referrals, as well as a wide strategic network extending from the Philippines to Southeast Asia and Western countries.

The partnership between JCVA and PRIME Philippines is a testament to the shared commitment of both companies to providing high-quality and innovative solutions to their clients. With this strategic partnership in place, JCVA and PRIME Philippines are positioned to deliver even more value to their clients and lead the industry in the Philippines.

Environmental Design Solutions (EDS)

JCVA also partnered with Environmental Design Solutions (EDS) to provide comprehensive LEED and WELL consultancy for sustainable designs. EDS is a sustainability advisory firm with a focus on green building and energy efficiency projects. The EDS team is composed of experts coming from a diverse set of backgrounds which include climate change mitigation policies, energy-efficient building design, building code development, energy efficiency policy development, energy simulation, and green building certification.

This partnership combines JCVA's expertise in construction and project management with the extensive knowledge in sustainability and energy efficiency of EDS. This offers clients a unique, more comprehensive, and innovative solution for their projects and needs. The collaboration between JCVA and EDS provides further proof to the rising importance of sustainability in the industry and the need for integrated and innovative solutions that address both design and technical aspects of a sustainable project design.

Metro Development Managers (MDMI)

JCVA established a strategic alliance with Metro Development Managers (MDMI), a local firm specializing in project development, highest and best use analysis, market studies, development consultancy, and asset management. Through the partnership, the companies combine their strengths to create a business synergy and hone the industry further through providing the best practices and services to the community.

The partnership between JCVA and MDMI allows them to better serve their clients by offering a more comprehensive range of services and expertise. This strategic alliance demonstrates the commitment of both companies to providing high-quality and innovative solutions to their clients while also driving immense growth in the development and construction industry.

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