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The JCVA Way: Planning A Project

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Project planning is one of the most crucial things one would encounter during a construction because this is where you’ll create the framework you’ll be needing to execute your plan. For a project to flow smoothly, intense attention to detail and a clear project plan are the two main ingredients you’ll have to focus on. This blog is intended to give you an easier way to understand how a project manager approaches any construction project..

There are three things a project manager considers when creating a project plan or what is called the triple constraints. This includes the time, scope and cost. Here’s a detailed explanation of what each constraint covers during a project planning.


One of the most necessary factors project managers watch out for is time because as we all know, time is money. During project planning, timing of start and finish of the project is discussed along with the scheduling of all tasks related to hit project milestones. The project planning phase allocates the schedule or the time for each task and process. Effective project management requires a manager to accommodate that time constraint while ensuring that all the required objectives are met within the given deadline.


The cost or budget to be able to finish a project is another constraint as well. Every project manager presents a cost vis a vis the budget to the client which covers all the materials, labor, and all other incidentals to complete the work. The cost or budget is needed to be balanced out with the deadlines and the scope of the project.


The scope is the final constraint among the three because you can only identify the scope once you’ve come up with the time and cost of the project. It defines goals, deliverables, features, and functions, in addition to the tasks required to complete the project. The scope is a manuscript that consists of every single detail of the project development from start to finish. To be able to consider a project successful, the features and functions of the scope have to be achieved.

Having knowledge on the three constraints of project management is a step to ensure project success. Having a guide serve and show you also saves you time, giving you more things to focus on other than one project alone.

Whether you’re the client or the project manager, it’s important to know what is talked about and discussed in a project planning meeting to ensure the timely and polished completion of a project.

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