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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming WELL-Certified

Updated: Apr 28

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Are you interested in making your building healthier and more sustainable? Consider getting a WELL Certification! In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps you need to take to become WELL-certified.

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The First Step

The first step is to prepare and submit a project application, which includes information about the building, its systems, and the intended use of the space. Once your application is accepted, you can move on to the next stages of the process.

Stages of WELL Certification Process

There are four stages to the WELL certification process: pre-assessment, on-site assessment, review and verification, and certification. During the pre and on-site assessment, an evaluation is conducted to verify that the building meets the WELL standards. After these processes, a WELL-Accredited Professional (WELL AP) will verify the documents. Once the building has been successfully evaluated and verified, it is finally ready for certification.

Top 5 Criteria for WELL

To receive WELL certification, your building needs to meet certain criteria. The top five criteria include using high-quality materials and construction techniques, choosing a suitable location, regularly testing the water quality, maintaining the building, and complying with reporting and record-keeping requirements.

Recertification Process

The WELL certification is valid for three years, after which your building will need to undergo a recertification process to maintain its status. The recertification process involves an on-site assessment and review of the building's systems and features.

Benefits of WELL Certification

Getting a WELL certification has numerous benefits, including improved health and well-being of building occupants, improved occupant satisfaction, enhanced reputation and marketability, cost savings, and validation of commitments to health and well-being.

Making the World a WELL-er Place

Now that you know how to get your building WELL-certified, it's time to take action! Send us an email at or visit our website at to learn more about JCVA’s WELL, LEED, and BERDE consultancy services. Together, let’s make the world a better place.

Get downloadable here

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