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Top questions to ask your office interior designer

Many offices have decided to do renovations in response to changing work and employee requirements as a response to the pandemic and to welcome workers back to the office. Office interior designing can be a challenge, especially for the people who are going through it for the first time. One of the most important aspects of the job is getting an interior designer who is aligned with your vision and objectives for your space. The question is, how do you choose the best designer for you?

From our years of experience helping offices renovate and update interiors, here are some questions you should ask your potential interior designer:

  1. What are your references & credentials?

Ensure that who you hire has legitimate references and credentials. If the budget is limited, you can consider hiring an inexperienced interior designer, but be sure to double-check their references.

  1. What interior design services do you offer?

Not all interior designers offer the same service package. Know what you’ll be getting. Here are a few of the services that an interior designer might offer:

  • Design consultation

  • Site measurement and assessment

  • Space planning

  • Design concepts

  1. Portfolio: what have they already worked on?

You should always see an interior designer’s portfolio. Aside from the fact that some interior designers are really good at certain styles only, you should also check if they have done offices. Designing homes, offices, restaurants, and what have you are all different niches. Interior designers usually would have one specialty. Make sure you get one that is well familiar with office interiors.

  1. Budget: can they work with your budget?

Even before setting out as a designer, you need to set a budget. Choose a designer that can execute their design within your budget. Do not be afraid to talk about money with your potential designers as it is an important part of your project.

  1. Process: what process of approvals are we following?

You need a designer that can understand your interior needs and is flexible enough to change their design accordingly. At the same time, you also need a designer who is organized enough to incorporate these amendments. Therefore, you must look for a designer that has a methodology set in terms of design processes and approvals. Without this, the design stage might take too much time and might get too messy in the process.

Designing offices does not have to be a daunting task. With the right partners in interior design and project management, this endeavor can make a big positive impact to your business.

We have done numerous office renovations and interiors at JCVA. Have any questions about office renovations? Email us at and visit to know more about our consultancy offerings.


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