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Upgrading Your Home To A Smart One

person holding a tablet with home lock

More and more families are transforming their old homes into smart automated ones. Here are a few examples of smart systems that are easy to install and readily available on the market:

Smart Locks

Left your keys? Misplaced or lost them? Smart locks are a great solution to these daily hassles you might encounter when you’re still using traditional door locks. Smart locks come with many benefits for home and business owners. 🔑 🔐

Some of these smart locks can also be accessed through a smartphone, simplifying home security. By downloading the application that comes with your smart lock, you never have to worry about being away because you can monitor your home’s security remotely.

These smart locks also give you accessibility even when you’re across the country. As long as you have a data connection, you’ll be able to check the lock history and so much more. Ace that pitch and close the deal you’ve been working on for months without hassling yourself over the misplaced keys this morning or get to enjoy the view from the mountain tops without worrying about whether you locked the doors or not while you’re on vacation.

Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting Systems are also a trend these days. Did your daughter forget to turn off the lights in the bedroom? You can do it even when you’re stuck in the office or on an afternoon lunch with the team.

Using the Smart Lighting System of your choice, you may even schedule your light. You can have a specific light turned on or off at chosen times you prefer. Many smart lights can be activated by motion triggers as well. This is very important because it can easily determine if someone is trying to sneak into your house.

Smart Home Surveillance

A Smart CCTV tracks the happenings in your home and transmits it to your cloud or phone using WiFI. Nowadays, the need for home CCTV has become essential because of the rising crime rate. Having a Smart CCTV installed in your home gives you more assurance that the data you’re getting is real time. Some cameras can even detect motion and send you notifications while you’re away or have a sound and light alarm that gets triggered to frighten away unwanted visitors. Another feature that some would carry is a two-way audio system that enables communication through a built-in microphone and speaker.

Upgrading your home into a smart one does not have to be tedious and expensive. Not only do they allow you more control on your energy consumption, it also provides your home with better and more accessible security compared to traditional equipment. Current technology provides better user experience so that whether you’re 10 or 60, setting them up and controlling them is a breeze.

With less anxiety and more flexibility, thanks to smart systems, life just got better.

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