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What every graduating Engineering student should be thinking about

If you're a graduating engineering student, there are a lot of things to think about as you transition from college into the real world. If an internship is not a school requirement, would you take that long-awaited break or dip your toes into the workforce as an intern? Whatever you choose, what's important is to take small steps towards the future.

1. Your engineering path: What kind of engineering work do you want to do?

As a civil engineer, there are many paths you can take. To name a few, you can get into structural engineering, construction engineering and management, geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, transportation engineering, and project management. Your time in the university is a great time to explore these different specializations through your classes. Now that you are a senior, it is time to pin down what you want to do with what you have studied.

Of course, your senior year is also the year you start thinking about the board exam. Whatever specialization you want, you have to pass the board exam first.

2. Your career path: How do you get there?

Aside from the board exams and your specialization, you also have to start thinking about your career strategy. Do you want to start working in a big corporation first, work in a small business, or maybe start your own? There is no one-way path for everyone. Instead, it is all about preference. It is about choosing what you want to do and gauging what fits your needs.

This one is always daunting for most students but just remember you have this time to do your research or maybe even talk to seasoned engineers who can offer good advice.

3. The experience you need: the right internship

As a future engineer, you need to do well in your academics but also need the skills to land a good job after graduation. This is also a good time to get a grasp of the corporate working environment and figure out if this is something you like for yourself. The best way to get experience is to work at a company that offers immersive training. In a good internship, you get good exposure and some hands-on experience that will be very valuable for you.

JCVA has just launched its internship program, Formworx and is a good opportunity for those engineering students who want to get into the real estate industry and have a good project management experience. With the program, interns will be taking a closer look at what project management is and will get wisdom from the company’s top talent. JCVA has a great passion for empowering future engineers and we look forward to building better businesses with them soon.

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