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What You Should Know About Home Maintenance

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For many first-time homeowners, it comes as a shock how much a home needs to be maintained. New homes don’t require as much upkeep as older ones but as the years go on, so does your maintenance list.

In the Philippines, thankfully, we only have two seasons, Summer and Rainy. These seasons are easy to predict along with the challenges they present. You can create a schedule around these months to help you create a maintenance routine before minor issues become large ones.

Why It’s Important To Do Seasonal Maintenance

Each season will give you advantages and disadvantages and during the summer months, it’s best to focus on upkeep on things like the outside parts of your home and your security. These months tend to have high burglary rates and it’s best to ensure that you and your loved ones remain safe.

During the rainy months, it’s easier to spot things inside the home that may need repair since people usually stay indoors. It’s a great time to see if the repairs you made to your home have worked and to see if you’ve missed any spots. The rainy season is a time of interior maintenance as much as the exterior was for the summer.

There are a lot of benefits to making sure that your home’s maintenance is up to date. Just like taking care of cars and other things that require upkeep, your home should be no different. It’s only a small portion of your day and will work for you in the long run.

Benefits of Annual Home Maintenance

Saves You Money

By checking on your interior and exterior, you can save money by continually ensuring it’s in working order. By taking preventative measures, you can stop small problems from becoming large expensive ones.

Enhances Property Value

A home increases in value over time. When you maintain your home and appliances the less likely a future home buyer will ask for a discounted rate based on the problems they could potentially be facing when they move in.

Home Insurance

Home insurance doesn’t cover the cost of breakdowns if the damage is caused by a lack of maintenance.

Improved Home Life Quality

When you regularly maintain your home, you can go about your daily life without having to make major adjustments or endure inconveniences that can be fixed with upkeep.

Extend Appliance Life

Everything from your refrigerator or your washing machine requires doing a little maintenance to help it last longer. By spending a little time to make sure they’re working properly, you can save money on not needing a new machine or appliance in the future.

Don’t get caught off-guard by minor home inconveniences when you least expect it. Always keep in mind that preparing for any season and the challenges they present to the home and the homeowner can always be taken on when proper preparation is done.


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