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Why should you have a Project Manager? Benefits explained.

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

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Within the industry, the phrase project management is not new to many. It should be obvious why you need a project manager on board, as it is an investment that ensures a more efficient construction process. But just in case this is your first time as a client– we have listed out the benefits of appointing a project manager below:

Cradle to grave management of the project

Project Managers handle projects from inception to post-operations. With a single person handling the project from planning to turnover, the project can be executed effortlessly. This person is in charge of everything: strategic alignment, project planning, quality control, risk management, continuous oversight, and everything else you may need. Whenever a problem arises, project managers are the first to show up and look for solutions.

A holistic and strategic approach to the project​

In a project, architects focus on aesthetics, engineers focus on functionalities and other professionals focus on their own expertise. With a project manager on board, someone will be able to have a holistic and strategic focus on the project– a bird’s eye view, if you will. The project manager ensures there is synergy within the project and ensures all moving parts are in harmony with each other. Aside from this, project managers ensure a system of check and balance so that all parts of the project are aligned.

Client’s eyes and ears on the ground

A project manager is a client’s advocate in a construction project. This means project managers ensure clients’ needs are met in the project all throughout. This also means that project managers are able to give a comprehensive report on what is happening. Whether this is in finances, progress reports, permits, or what have you, project managers ensure clients are updated with everything. They are also the one-point reference of the client in a project that involves a lot of teams. No more big meetings, just quick touchpoints.

Clients can focus on their core business

With project managers ensuring the success of a certain construction project, clients can focus on their core business. Construction projects are usually business expansion activities that need a lot of attention. The future of the business is at stake, after all! With good project managers on board, one can just sit tight and focus on their main business. A lot of time and energy can be saved when this work is given to a project manager.

There are a lot of benefits to getting a project manager. Overall, getting one is a good practice as businesses have to ensure the success of their project. We will be discussing a lot more about project management this month so be sure to stay tuned.

At JCVA, project management is our forte. Have any questions about our project management services? Email us at and visit to know more about our service offerings.

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