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3 Practices in Project Management that are here to stay.

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

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Project management has been changing in the last few years, especially with the advancement of technology. Additionally, the pandemic has also pushed the industries’ practice forward even further. Some are trends or mere responses to the current situation, while some are going to change the practices forever.

Here are three practices in project management we forecast to stay:

Use of Project Management Software

There is a lot of project management software created now specially made for construction project management. They are so easy to find. With this software, information is easily shared so people are always updated. It also lessens the back and forth between the parties involved in the team.

What makes JCVA unique is we have our proprietary software, AGILE and VAULT. AGILE allows tracking of the project very easily with its unique dashboard while VAULT is our online cloud storage. With the use of technology, we make project management very efficient and transparent.

The move towards Green Buildings

As we have always said, the move towards green buildings is no longer a trend for a few– it is going to be the norm. There’s a greater demand from everyone to have sustainable living and working spaces. Laws are changing as well to protect the environment and tenants’ health. Green Buildings will be the new standard. This means that, now more than ever, is it important to be knowledgeable in practices and standards for green buildings.

JCVA offers WELL, LEED, and BERDE consultancy and have international partners to augment our services that can help our clients with their sustainability and wellness goals. Need we say more?

Greater Technology Adoption

More than just information technology, there are also a lot of technological advancements in the field of engineering and architecture. Related to our second point, a lot of advancements are also a reaction to a demand for greener buildings. For example, there is a growing market for modular construction. In other countries, 3D printing is also growing fast.

At JCVA, we make sure we are grounded in project management principles while also keeping ourselves up-to-date with the latest industry practices. Our clients can be sure our recommendations suit their needs.

These are just some practices we see in the coming years. Do you have any in mind? We would love to discuss it with you. After all, it’s people that make these practices and it’s people that make them stay.

At JCVA, project management is our forte. Have any questions about our services? Email us at and visit to know more about our consultancy offerings.

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