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A Look Into The Office Of The Future

office space of JCVA

As more Millennials complete their studies and start a career, commercial properties are adapting to the three generations' various work styles and preferences.

A row of cubicles and a drip coffee machine are no longer sufficient equipment for an integrative workspace for companies and established brands. An increasing number of companies are turning to architects and engineers to create bespoke offices that promote productivity, innovation, and creativity to remain ahead of modern development.

Because you're probably wondering how to keep Millennials engaged, here are four office design tips that will make them happier and more productive:

Matter of mobility

While you're up and about, inspiration is more likely to strike. The act of walking itself stimulates creativity. According to the book Fidget to Focus, it was mentioned that moving a little increases concentration. Some companies have already integrated standing desks or even a treadmill seat to accommodate (literally) thinking on your feet.

Arrange for chance encounters

Cafés are a great place for new ideas because of their relaxed atmosphere. Cafes encourage casual conversation, and breakthroughs happen in impromptu settings, not meetings. Instead of waiting for the next coffee run, open spaces at work can help employees generate new ideas and boost productivity.

Comfortable comes in many forms

Better posture involves more than just keeping your back straight. There’s a significant number of people who find themselves more productive when they are in a variety of positions other than seated down. Some companies go far and beyond for their employees by opting for bespoke solutions and have furniture created for their preferred work environment.

However, tread lightly, informal work environments may not be suitable for everyone. Accounting firms, for example, may be hesitant to transition to these workplace settings.

Create areas that can be more communicative

Because Millennials and Gen-Yers want continuous coaching, the concept of a closed office does not work. When used correctly, office furniture can promote collaboration.

Some companies have turned to creating a multi-functional space that not only accommodates their employees but also aids their community.

We have done the same at our HQ through Caucus. Caucus is co-located in JCVA's headquarters at Avire Tower in Project 4, Quezon City, and has served as a new workspace away from home.

Every workplace has unique requirements, and a wonderfully brilliant office incorporates a design inspired by its employees while also helping to stimulate them. Have you already thought about yours?

Need our help to address this changing view of the workplace? Partner with us today! Email us at info@jcvassociates.phand visit to know more about our consultancy offerings.


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