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Part 2: The Post Covid-19 Workplace – How it’s Going to Be Like

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

JCV & Associates Project Management and Development Inc. (JCVA) with EDS Global advice companies on anything WELL and LEED. These programs have come to the forefront in real estate as their concepts directly tackle the concerns that companies and occupants all have due to this pandemic.

As we try to get back on track with our operations, one thing is for sure, it will never go back to business as usual. Companies now aim to make their spaces not only look good but also feel safe. While safety can already be included in design considerations, it is the day-to-day protocols and operations that will greatly impact the safety and wellness of occupants.

JCVA woman wearing mask looking at monitor safety in workspace

Based on WELL guidelines, here are crucial procedures to enforce:

  • Refresh your cleaning and sanitization procedures

    • Maintaining good cleaning protocols can support organizational resilience by helping reduce the risk of infection.

  • Install signages to display steps for proper hand washing and other proper hygiene reminders is an effective way to reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

  • Assess high-touch surfaces and items throughout the workspace to be able to implement temporary and/or permanent cleaning strategies and device alternate ways to avoid direct contact with surfaces, like door handles.

  • Assess and maintain air ventilation and filtration

    • Increase in ventilation rate is a recommended strategy to mitigate airborne contagious diseases. Regular maintenance of ventilation is also required to ensure acceptable air quality is achieved.

    • Install air filters and UVGI systems in the HVAC systems to reduce pollutants in the circulated outdoor air and improve the indoor air quality.

Of course, there are other ways for companies to bolster their building or office operations to mitigate the spread of illness in their spaces. In the Philippines, herd immunity is still a distant concept for now, but businesses cannot wait for that to happen to start cautiously operating again. We all need to be proactive in implementing ways to address safety and health issues that go above minimum standards to protect our space occupants and ultimately protect our business sustainability as well.

JCVA and its partner EDS Global are here to help companies face the future safely. Contact us today to know more about WELL and LEED certification services.


JCVA is a real estate consultancy firm composed of a leadership and project team with over 120 years of combined industry experience. Regardless of project scale, quality assurance and risk management remain our priority and our commitment to on-time and within-budget delivery stands firm.

Our services range from project planning and development, cost consultancy to WELL and LEED advisory. We specialize in providing tailor-fit project management solutions to businesses in need of expeditious and cost-effective means to achieve business goals. JCVA is with you at every point, from the very beginning of the project to when we hand you your keys.

We consider your success to be our own. Guided by your vision and our mission to build better businesses, JCVA delivers bespoke solutions that will lead your project to success.

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