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Are SMART Lights A Smart Choice?

smart home with SMART light controller

We've come far across the time where just a clap and you can turn your lights on or off. Nowadays, you can do practically anything with lights, even by simply speaking!

Smart lighting has begun appearing in homes with various designs, sizes, and functionalities. Smart lighting is getting more affordable and more available than ever. Before you rush out and purchase a smart lighting system, here are five reasons why it can be a smart choice for you.


It all comes down to how comfortable you and your family are with modern technology. Smart lighting systems can be simple and complex, and there are many options available that are pretty easy to use and that even an amateur can install in no time, while there are also ones that require hiring a technician.


There are a variety of smart lights available that can make installation convenient. If you're not up for the drastic changes, smart light bulbs are available that you can install in your pre-existing light fixtures and anywhere you can install the traditional light bulbs.


Smart lighting solutions offer more than just letting you turn lights on and off using an app on your smartphone. You can adjust the brightness of your lights, play with different colour combinations, have them synchronized with music or videos, and even set schedules for when particular lights turn on and how long they stay illuminated.


Smart bulbs are made of LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) and can last longer than traditional light bulbs lasting for an average of ten years. However, not all items have the same quality, so you must be cautious with your choices.


Having a solid foundation for your gadgets is essential if you plan to grow your smart home setup in the future. Consider buying a smart speaker with a voice assistant. Today's popular ones are easily compatible with other smart devices, not just for lighting.

Regardless of the type or style of smart lighting you seek, a solution exists to meet your requirements. Smart lighting is a one-of-a-kind answer to the age-old problem of the need for new ways to control lights and manage energy use better. While it helps track usage, it also influences how you build your home and interact with it. Smart lighting provides a glimpse into a future in which light is not just a source of illumination but also a tool for enhancing lives and making things easier.


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