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What Light Best Suits Your Home

chandelier with mustard seat with black backdrop

How do you choose the right light to use for your space? Lighting plays a huge factor in a person’s mood. For a home, lighting plays a huge role in its ambience. You may use warm light color temperature for living rooms and bed rooms to make the vibe cozy. Bright white lights are recommended for the kitchen and other workspaces at home because you’ll be needing these to boost and increase your focus. A bright light in the kitchen ensures a clearer view of the ingredients you’ll be using plus lessening the hazard caused by dim lights. Also, just so you don’t need to squint your eyes when working on something!

Daylight color temperatures are just right for reading nooks and spaces for study as it provides just the right amount of brightness. Some daylight colors also claim to increase focus when used. 💡

And for an office space, lighting has to do with an employee’s productivity. Dim to no lights makes someone sleepy and less productive so it’s better to turn lights off when planning to end the day with a good night’s sleep.

Here are some types of basic indoor lighting you might encounter when renovating/decorating your home:

Ambient or Ceiling lights

These lights serve as consistent and primary lighting for your home. Aside from the basic overall functionality by lighting the entire room, they also play a huge role in your home’s design. Having a beautiful chandelier installed in the middle of your living room can be a beautiful eye catcher for your visitors.

  • Chandeliers - these fancy decorative lights hang from the ceiling and serve as a decorative centerpiece for your room.

  • Pendant lights- also known as “drop”, this is a lone light fixture that hangs from the ceiling suspended by a chain or metal rod.