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Behind The Scenes: A Closer Look At JCVA's Caucus

Lobby with orange couch and ergonomic gray seat with brown hand rest

Creating a conducive office space is more than just a matter of aesthetics. It is also an opportunity to align the physical environment with a company's values and vision. At JCVA, we understand the importance of designing a workspace that reflects the culture and mission of the company. That's why we pay meticulous attention to our fit-out designs, as evidenced by our very own office, the Caucus.

As defined, a “caucus” is a meeting or gathering of members of a political party or group to discuss and make decisions on issues affecting their group. But don't worry, there are no politicians here! We made our own definition of it. At JCVA, our Caucus is a fun and dynamic space where our team members can gather, brainstorm, and share their ideas and perspectives on various projects and tasks. It's a designated area where creativity flows and teamwork shines.

Buckle up as we take you for a ride through the Caucus, and see why it is the heart and soul of our workplace.

glass panels with black outlines with two people in a meeting behind  and a round wooden table in front with a plant

Design Style

JCVA's office has a modern industrial design style, which blends functionality with aesthetics. One of the most striking features of the office is how the design creates a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. The open layout of the space promotes a sense of community and encourages interaction among employees, leading to greater collaboration and productivity.

pantry with blue cabinets and n island table

The Crowd Favorites

One of the best features of the JCVA office is the pantry. With an impressive range of snacks, drinks, and even a wine fridge, the pantry is the heartbeat of the office. It is a relaxed and inviting space where colleagues can collaborate, have casual conversations, and unwind from work pressures.

Aside from the pantry, the quiet room and focus lounge is also loved by all. The quiet room is designed to foster concentration, with comfortable couches and tables that are ideal for small meetings. Meanwhile, the focus lounge boasts striking orange couches and tables that create an energizing and inspiring atmosphere - perfect for brainstorming sessions and impromptu meetings.