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Benefits of Design-Build Construction

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Design-build construction incorporates architecture, interior design, consulting, and construction all in one, ultimately giving you the benefit of a more collaborative and harmonious project flow compared to the traditional general contracting practice. In the previous blog, we discussed the general idea between these two delivery methods. Now that you know the general concept behind design-build construction, here are some of the many advantages this delivery method can give you!

Simplified Selection

When a project is being built through the conventional method of delivery, the property owner goes through rigorous processes to choose the architects, builders, and contractors who will be working on the project. Working with a single company that already includes a designer, builder, and contractors is what design-build is all about. You can guarantee that you will be able to save time and resources through doing fewer interviews than would be necessary for a traditional general construction process while still ensuring a smoother and more collaborative development.

Centralized Authority

It may not be easy to manage your project with many companies, and they frequently blame each other when something goes wrong—wasting resources and effort in the long run. Collaboration is present early on and throughout the project because design-build firms produce the designs and plans and carry out the construction process themselves. Fixing the problem at hand is prioritized to support you in bringing your goals to reality in unity. Closely working together simplifies work, improves communication, and improves the project's final outcome.

Increased Value

Design-build companies specialize in a project's design and construction phases, and they can better develop ideas that take construction costs into account. As ideas are presented, teams evaluate proposed ideas as a whole openly and honestly, ensuring that the owners obtain the best in terms of materials, site, schedule, design, and more. This delivery method improves your project's value through letting property owners explore more options and make more well-informed decisions.

Accelerated Completion Time

Due to the streamlined process of only needing one selection phase instead of two, design-build projects can be completed quickly. This means that the project can be accomplished in a considerably shorter period of time. Furthermore, change orders, which incur additional labor and material charges and sometimes result in costly delays, are less common, so design-build construction projects are more likely to be completed on time and within budget.

Streamlined Process

Because design-build provides a single point of contact, the client receives consistent guidance from both the contractor and the architect. There is a centralized authority in charge of both the construction and the design, so your project benefits from better communication among the professionals working on your project. Your vision is presented once, and everyone will have the same understanding. As a design-build company already has an extensive network of contacts that they have worked with, the project runs more smoothly and guarantees you trusted people fit for your project. Owners will have a clear sense of direction and are well on their way to having a positive ownership experience.

Reduced Costs

Design-build is often a cost-saving strategy for owners because of how efficiently it streamlines the construction process. In contrast to general contracting, design-build projects do not rely on bids, but they make up for this by minimizing opportunity costs in addition to actual ones. Time is money! When you hire a renowned design-build firm to handle your project, you will have fewer complications and save time on project management. This allows you to devote more time to your own business and productivity.

JCVA guarantees only the highest standards of quality, delivery, and performance at every stage of the project. Our team of highly trained and skilled project managers looks at every part of your project as a whole, driven by a desire to give you the best results possible—making the whole process as simple and enjoyable for you.

Find out how you can make your project more efficient with JCVA! Email us at or visit to learn more about our services.


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