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Building A Better Tomorrow With JCVA

Updated: Apr 27

JCVA employee project manager, engineer in a white hard hat

Many companies strive to stand out in the rapidly growing world of project management. Construction project management firms work hard to prove themselves and make a mark in the industry. However, even in such a crowded space, some companies shine brighter, setting themselves apart from the rest.

One company that has managed to stay on top of the game is JCVA. Founded by Engr. Jason Valderrama in 2014, this construction management firm is slowly but surely making a name for itself in the Philippine construction industry.

From Small Beginnings to Big Dreams

Everything started with the vision of Engr. Jason Valderrama. After amassing years of field experience and converting challenges into expertise, he embarked on an entrepreneurial journey. In 2014, JCVA started as a local project management arm of a multinational real estate consultancy firm in the Philippines. The same year, they took a giant leap by managing a fit-out engagement for the world's largest wind turbine company.

As the calendar pages turned, so did the achievements for JCVA. The winning streak continued and, in 2017, JCVA forged a prestigious multi-year project management partnership with a giant global tech company in the Philippines.

But JCVA wasn’t just about acquiring huge contracts and projects. The construction firm was also focused on forging valuable relationships. By 2020, the company solidified its local ties by partnering with another influential real estate consultancy firm within the Philippines.

The year 2021 was a testament to JCVA's forward-thinking approach. The company showcased its commitment to innovation with the successful launch of AGILE & VAULT, its cutting-edge technological integration platform. This was also the year JCVA earned its PCAB license, symbolizing its adherence to quality and excellence. Moving into a state-of-the-art headquarters, the company offered its ever-growing team a space that matched their lofty aspirations. And, as a cherry on top, JCVA celebrated a landmark moment by recording its highest revenue figures, indicating a trajectory that only goes upwards.

While JCVA's past and present are filled with commendable achievements, the journey is far from over. With eyes set on the horizon, JCVA has mapped out a path for the future. Our dream is to be counted among the top construction consultancy firms in the Philippines. And we’re not talking about the distant future. We aim to become the best construction management firm in the Philippines by the end of this decade.

Building Better Businesses for a Better World

At JCVA, we don’t just focus on our milestones and achievements. Above all else, our clients are our topmost priority, and we owe our success to them. As your devoted project manager, we prioritize every stakeholder, from team members to the local communities impacted by our construction projects. We actively engage with our clients to comprehensively understand the community and end-users to ensure meticulous and forward-thinking planning.

Furthermore, being part of our project team means fostering connections beyond internal collaborations. We champion a culture where every stakeholder is valued and heard regardless of their role. Our work culture revolves around a client-centric mindset and shared responsibility so we can collaborate better and go forward together.

Dare To Be Bold With JCVA!

JCVA is a testament to what vision, dedication, and client-centricity can achieve. Beyond the bricks and mortar, structures, and contracts, the unwavering commitment to stakeholders, from clients to communities, sets JCVA apart. As we look towards a future filled with aspirations and potential, one thing remains clear: we’re not just building better businesses. We’re laying the foundation for a better and brighter Philippine construction industry.

Ready to work with the best project management firm in the country? Email us at or visit to learn more about our bespoke construction services.

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