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Championing the Future of ConTech (Construction Technology)

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Industries have already been exploring and venturing with new technologies prior the outbreak. However, the pandemic has greatly fueled us to adapt to new technology a lot faster than expected. As the world continues to evolve and new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) emerge in the construction industry, professionals are inclined to prepare for further advancements in 2023.

In the construction field, more professionals must update knowledge and skills set in ConTech (Construction Technology). Companies should take advantage of these ConTech in maximizing their team's efficiency, upgrading the building process, improving site conditions, and overall, optimizing the people in the field.

Emerging Roles in ConTech

Construction companies are quickly introducing new roles to emphasize the need for workers with a mix of computational knowledge, project management skills, and real-world understanding of the construction site's needs, challenges, and realities.

Agile & Vault: Collaboration made simple

JCVA has made its mark, adding advancements of its own.

Agile is a web-based tracking and reporting tool, while Vault, a cloud-based companion tool, stores and secures all the reports for its users. Both are a big help to clients who demand transparency and efficiency.

Openspace, AI technology built for building

JCVA partnering with OpenSpace (an AI-driven platform that records and tracks project progression via cutting-edge, hardhat-mounted camera equipment) improves their construction site access and visibility. It can help mitigate safety risks while reducing the cost of travel. Using OpenSpace and other construction tech creates new roles while eliminating time-consuming physical inspections.

ConTech Today

The global adoption of AI-driven construction solutions is forecast to grow at a compounded annual rate of nearly 30%, with the market reaching $2.1 billion by 2026 ( Those figures are immensely promising for businesses and professionals focused on construction innovation and workers considering a career in construction tech.

Construction tech offers opportunities to shift labor-intensive jobs into digitally centered roles. Construction developers can benefit from adopting ready-made, vendor-supplied technologies as they become more valuable, user-friendly, and industry-relevant. Hiring tech-savvy employees to develop teams focused on digitization of the built environment, data modeling, and project analytics is pivotal.

Construction's Growing Opportunity

The deployment of innovative solutions designed to improve construction efficiency may attract an upcoming generation of workers interested in tech-focused roles, but only if the construction industry ensures these opportunities are available.

If you are looking for a company using tech-forward and cost-effective innovations, JCVA is the company for you.

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