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JCVA Agile & Vault: Avoiding Document Management Risks

Whether you're working on a large or small-scale project, document tracking and management and data streaming are essential to your stakeholders and your projects. However, these processes impose several obstacles and can be costly if they go out of hand.

With over 120 years of combined industry experience, JCVA has mastered the art of preventing these document management risks. When it comes to building your business successfully, the quality of project planning and development must be of the highest caliber, which is why we've created and executed an effective system that can help your business out at these critical stages of your project!

To be extra prepared, you should understand precisely the significant risks you should be looking out for. Here are a few of the many risks you should keep an eye out for!

Lack of seamless communication

According to the Project Management Institute, more than one-third of all projects fail due to communication breakdowns. Concise information and reports are essential to avoiding confusion due to misunderstanding or lack of communication.

Access to information

Drawings (or models), specifications, bill of materials, timetables, instructions, and so on are all types of information that may be utilized in project data. The system will grind to a standstill even if one or two of the numerous moving pieces fail.


Construction projects are large and complex. As a consequence, each stakeholder sees just a small portion of the whole picture. Cohesion and completeness are essential in complicated situations. A lack of understanding makes it almost hard to make decisions or coordinate effectively.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, a pivot is necessary due to manpower limits, supply chain issues, and other concerns. Openness is the future of construction; it's very unusual for companies to get to the top of their own sectors after adapting to new realities in similar industries.


Although computers excel on many computing fronts, people excel in certain areas too. But how about orchestrating teams to work effectively and harness the combined strength of these two approaches? Everybody's work is made simpler and the results better through effective tracking and coordination.

Builders are able to focus on what they do best while still knowing that they're working as effectively and accurately thanks to automatic progress monitoring.

This is where we come in to help advance common challenges businesses face throughout the most critical phase of building your business.


JCVA created a web-based monitoring and reporting tool so you can access it wherever you are. AGILE has all of the necessary information you need on your dashboard, which can easily be printed and downloaded while VAULT provides safe cloud storage for all of your reports and documents.

With JCVA, document management risks will be a thing of the past.

Learn more about how you can take advantage of this benefit when you work with JCVA. Send us an email at or visit to learn more about our services.

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