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JCVA x Digiscript - Media Roundtable

The Industry Today

Technology plays a massive role in automating projects as the country's construction industry emerges from the pandemic's effects.

COVID-19 caused many safety hazards and limitations that caused project delays, health risks, and communication limitations. This paradigm shift presents a considerable challenge for the construction industry which requires project managers, engineers, architects, and stakeholders to be present and updated with day-to-day operations.

It took a pandemic for the Philippine construction industry to realize what was staring us down – change and adoption of innovative solutions. The need to incorporate a blend between onsite and offsite interfaces calls for more innovative instruments to bridge that gap is essential more than ever.

JCVA has sought to do this by incorporating and adopting today's technological advancements for the modern Filipino and building toward better businesses. We embrace this new change through programs like AGILE, VAULT, and OpenSpace which all set a new standard for the industry.


JCVA is extremely tech-driven and forward-thinking as it is the only Filipino-owned Project management player in the country that has a proprietary platform (AGILE), a web-based tracking and reporting tool.

Clients and partners like architects, engineers, and project managers can access the project information anytime once they log in. This management system is perfect for maintaining transparency and reducing risk especially when clients make important decisions.


VAULT is a program that complements AGILE. JCVA’s VAULT is a secure cloud storage for all reports and documents made accessible to all stakeholders wherever they are. These management tools are essential in the JCVA toolbox to be one step ahead of the project.

The Vault is best utilized for:

  • Creating and keeping track of plans

  • Ensure all accurate and agreed specifications are disseminated to all stakeholders

  • Keeping track of the minutes of the meeting

  • Secure and store important documentations


With businesses and operations embracing the hybrid work setup, human error and miscommunication can be inevitable but any mistake can be costly. Without having the full context of reports and data, challenges that may arise can significantly affect the project which results in a fault-finding match.

OpenSpace is a solution for our teams at JCVA to help our project managers lead tasks and track job-site progress while working remotely. It’s a pioneer in 3D ground-based reality capture for Architecture & Engineering to optimize projects at hand.

It helps give realistic perspectives, fully visualize each project workflow, project measurements, and design - ALL IN 3D!

OpenSpace's high-end sensors and cameras with lasers to create a digital representation of real-world conditions. This gives a 360 degree simulation to ensure your investment and business will be built to last.

With these latest advancements incorporated to your project, you will benefit from the ff:

  • Receive and process images from multiple vantage points, moving from one location to another

  • Provides visual ground truth

  • Conveniently tracks progress throughout the duration of the projectReduce site risk by improving health and safety on the job site, and

  • Enhances as-builts historical archives.

These simple yet interactive tools allow you to see the current project and how it aligns with your plans in side-by-side comparisons. Extract measurements, view them from any angle, share them across different platforms, and recreate blueprints.

3D scanning eliminates the common problems by providing you with completeness, speed, and accuracy and addresses the most critical factors in construction, documentation speed, and photo placement accuracy. This tool allows ALL work to be documented and saves our clients thousands in hours and budget by enabling teams to do "virtual visits" 24/7.

PH tech-enabled project management

We at JCVA don't just work hard, we work smart. By implementing smart solutions into our projects, we can ensure that everybody involved looks at the same thing. Everyone has a single source of truth to make quick, informed decisions, reduce rework, streamline collaboration, and identify issues immediately.

With its latest partnership with Digiscript, JCVA is now the first PM firm to use OpenSpace in the country. This AI platform, together with JCVA’s Agile and Vault, further strengthens our capability to provide bespoke and holistic approaches to project and construction management and dare we say, setting innovative breakthroughs in our industry and a gold standard of service.

If your current approach to your projects needs to be refreshed or are looking into how to optimize your projects better, we are happy to help. JCVA puts effort into all of its projects by constantly embracing technological advancements and tools that will help build better businesses. For more strategies to successfully build your business, email us at and visit our website to learn more about our service offering.

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