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Retail Design Trends 2022

3D art for shopping bags, shopping cart and gifts

As a retail business, you would want to stand out from the crowd and have consumers remember your brand. This can be achieved in various ways, such as launching new and exciting products, services, and even stores. Leveraging social media platforms would work tremendously, but you should stay in your physical store. It only takes one thing you do differently to get people to notice you!

When you're too preoccupied with how to make your store stand out, it's easy to become overwhelmed by all the emerging trends, and picking which ones to follow can take time and effort. To help you narrow the trends down, here are the top trends in retail design you should consider.

Prioritizing Creative Brand Storytelling

Your brand message is what makes you stand out among the crowd, and finding a creative way to communicate this through your physical store should be your priority. Think of what you want consumers to think and feel when they enter your store. These will help you create a brand story that resonates with people as well as help you identify ways to convey your brand through your store's design, ultimately attracting customers to check out your store.

Creating Engaging Shopping Experiences

It's all about creating great experiences for your customers. These days, e-commerce is already a huge thing among retail businesses from all industries, emphasizing convenience and efficiency. Something customers can't get through online shops are actual engaging experiences which is why this should be your store's advantage. Offer your customers an experience they are willing to pay for through what they can do inside your store. Creating engaging shopping experiences for your customers will transform it into more than just a store but a place they would want to go to.

Improving Customer Convenience

To compete with online stores, physical stores need to find ways to make the shopping experience much more convenient for customers. New technology has dramatically transformed the world we live in today. Through the use of new technology, making your store more convenient and creating interactive customer experiences has been made much more manageable. Cut out the hassle and make payment options or even testing the products a lot quicker through interactive LED displays, for example.

Emphasizing Minimalism and Sophistication

In most retail establishments, a large variety of products are crammed into very little space. This provides customers with a wide range of products to check out. However, some retailers take things to an extreme by designing storefronts that are excessively complicated for their customers to navigate. These days, less is more! The primary objective of minimalist retailers is to provide clients with a more manageable range of high-quality products inside more inviting settings. The perception that a store's products are of higher quality is promoted by the use of less but more attractive minimalist displays.

Showcasing Comfortable and Welcoming Designs

A relaxing atmosphere is another way to prioritize the needs of the consumer. These welcoming and comfortable store layouts encourage customers to spend more time in the establishment. These popular homey designs typically include traditional flooring, excellent ambient lighting, and plenty of comfortable couches or seating options. To take the shopping experience of your consumers to the next level, consider teaming up with a coffee shop to provide them with snacks and drinks while they shop with you.

Leveraging Pop-Up Shops

Pop-up stores were becoming increasingly common even before the pandemic began. Although many people had assumed that they wouldn't be having a comeback in the aftermath of the pandemic panic, they are making a significant surge in popularity recently. Businesses are given the opportunity to connect with their clients in innovative locations through the use of pop-up stores. The owners of these businesses can have the benefit of being able to quickly test out new layouts and analyze customer behavior in order to determine how best to construct a permanent physical store location or even another pop-up shop!

Incorporating Wayfinding Designs

Wayfinding flooring is proving to be a game-changer for businesses as they strive to entice clients and encourage them to shop around their establishments. It is a method for exhibiting gorgeous designs that also have hidden functionality! Wayfinding flooring that is put out in a particular fashion leads customers around the store in a discrete and efficient manner.

In the world of retail, it's hard to know where to start when it comes to design. For example, updating your store design might entail complete remodeling. Other times, you might only need to change out a few decorations and hang new posters. Even if you're only planning on doing one or two of these changes, it's still easy to feel overwhelmed. That's why we recommend slowly taking in your current retail design and then slowly incorporating these trends into your business with patience.

Find out how you can give your retail store a glow-up with JCVA! Email us at or visit to learn more about our services.


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