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Stress Myths Debunked By Mental Health Experts

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

left hand holding a smiley stress ball

Mental health experts Stephanie Cook and Teresa Leyro debunk 10 myths about stress. After another busy work week, we want to take this opportunity to share with you the two experts' eye-opening views on how we perceive stress.

Cook and Leyro explain why everyone needs stress including children, why it can be beneficial, how to understand coping methods we exhibit when stressed out, and healthier alternatives to avoid long-term effects.

Watch their video here:

What did you find the most interesting? Share them with us!

Stephanie Cook is an assistant professor of biostatistics and social and behavioral sciences at the NYU School of Global Public Health. You can learn more about her work here:

Teresa Leyro is a clinical psychologist and assistant professor at Rutgers University and the detector of the Affective and Biological Underpinnings of Substance Use and Anxiety Lab. You can learn more about her work here:

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