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Summer is here! Here’s how to plan your vacation

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

beach resort in summer

Summer season is finally here and everyone is bound to be heading to their favorite summer destination. Even with the lowering number of cases, there is still a lot to consider when it comes to traveling. Here we discuss some vital questions about planning your vacation this summer.

First things first: should you travel?

There’s no one straight answer to this question. On one hand, we have to keep in mind that the pandemic is still ongoing and there are alot of risks to consider. On the other hand, cases are already going down and vaccination has provided a good safety net for everyone.

Answering this question really comes down to the individual…are you vaccinated and fit to travel? With the benefits outweighing the risks, any individual considering to travel should be fully vaccinated and boosted. This does not only protect you from getting infected while on holiday, but this will also protect your loved ones when you come back home.

Flexibility: can you adapt to sudden changes?

Flexibility has always been a must for traveling and with what’s happening now, we have to take it even a notch higher since things can change so quickly. Cases can get high overnight and mutations happen in the blink of an eye. If you want to travel this time, you need to be ready for whatever may arise. You need a backup plan for your accommodation, transportation mode, and destination should the government announce a sudden lockdown while you’re on vacation. Aside from a backup plan, you need to be fully prepared for the unexpected. Preparation for this includes making photocopies of your important documents and hard copies of your emergency contact. Getting travel insurance is also good just in case unexpected things do happen.

Another major adjustment to consider is transportation mode. One needs to be more flexible in choosing the mode of transportation. A lot of people are used to traveling by plane as it is more convenient and faster. However, it is not the safest mode right now due to ventilation concerns. If it is possible, travel by car or by train should be considered.

Safety: Is it COVID-safe?

When planning your travel, you also have to take safety seriously. Of course, we have to take care of the usual safety concerns like the weather. It’s always wise to check weather updates before proceeding to go on a trip. Now, we also have to consider if our accommodations have taken all necessary precautions against COVID: good ventilation and air circulation, well-sanitized common areas and rooms, and trained staff. WELL certified hotels or resorts would be ideal since they follow a strict and standard protocol set by international experts.

Researching COVID rates before actually traveling also helps a lot as different countries are at different places in terms of handling the pandemic. It is also advisable to research if there will be a crowd in an area. Even during this time, crowding in certain vacation spots is still common. Because the pandemic is not completely over, you should still avoid crowds.

To be completely safe, COVID testing should also be worked around your planned trip. While some places may still require testing, you should also consider bringing and conducting tests of your own.

There are many things to consider when it comes to traveling during these times. These three questions can be a good starting point to help you decide and prepare. Whether you are traveling or not this season, summer is still something to look forward to especially with the recent Level 1 implementation, we can look forward to spending more time with our families and friends.



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