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JCVA is composed of a leadership and project team with over 120 years of combined industry experience. Regardless of project scale, quality assurance and risk management remain our priority and our commitment to on-time and within-budget delivery stands firm.


Our services range from project planning & development and cost consultancy to WELL, LEED and BERDE consultancy. We specialize in providing tailor-fit project management solutions to businesses in need of expeditious and cost-effective means to achieve business goals. JCVA is with you at every point, from the very beginning of the project to when we hand you your keys.


We consider your success to be our own. Guided by your vision and our mission to build better businesses, JCVA delivers bespoke solutions that will lead your project to success.



Talented and Passionate People

JCVA’s strongest suit is our team. The entire team’s growth and performance is always a priority along with client service. In cultivating our people, JCVA commits to continuously improving the quality of our services.

Responsive Consultancy

Our team is composed of some of the best in the industry and this is something we want you to take full advantage of every step of the way. Our professionals will be with you from planning, execution, to project wrap-up and provide clear and honest advisory services to help you make the best decisions.

Flexible End-to-end Services

JCVA strives to provide end-to-end services that are focused, flexible and tailor-made for each client’s needs. Our hands-on leadership style allows us to determine exactly how to deliver each service according to our client’s size and requirement.

Commitment to

On-time, On-budget Delivery

At JCVA, we understand the importance of delivering projects according to client’s goals. We know the real cost and strain on businesses when projects are delayed and budgets are exceeded. JCVA is committed to keeping your goals in mind, committing not only to design excellence but also to promised delivery.

Value Propositions

Unrivaled quality and level of service
Highly flexible and responsive professionals providing expert services
Hands-on and accessible leadership team
Clear and concise consultancy and advisory to support the best decision making throughout the project process
Experience and exposure of project team to all types of developments
Strong consideration of client goals in order to ensure everyone’s success at project completion
Customizable services built to suit client’s requirements
Use of technology including a proprietary project management platform to provide real-time updates to clients on projects