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Coaching Future Leaders of ConTech (Construction Technology)

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In recent years, we've seen a lot of growth and new emergence of technology—especially in the construction industry. Although the construction industry is known for its slow movement and reluctance to modernization, considerable breakthroughs in Construction technology (ConTech) are now being adopted and enforced in construction operations.

JCVA understands, and as part of our core values, that being innovative is essential to growth and producing only the best project results for our clients, which includes exploring new solutions such as ConTech.

In this blog, we will be exploring how JCVA is taking this modernization to the next level!

The Hurdles To Overcome

One will always need to look at the root of the problem before one can find practical yet effective solutions to overcome these unwanted hurdles. That being said, identifying the challenges in the construction industry is necessary.

Studies show that some of the problems behind the construction industry's slow advancement are: there are not enough investments being made for innovations, there are not enough well-trained workers, the lack of collaboration and improvement culture, as well as the industry's poor image failing to attract a younger and more competitive workforce.

JCVA is making solid efforts to improve this dynamic and is proving that the construction industry can be a great training ground for individuals seeking success and improvement— breaking the industry's poor image. Working at JCVA means being passionate not just about excellence but innovation and finding solutions as well—putting an emphasis on developing people to their full potential and building powerful teams of individuals to accomplish our clients' goals.

Update to Upgrade

"Construction industry traditionally has been a laggard in terms of technology development and adoption," says JCVA's founder, Jason Valderama, when asked about their experience in the industry throughout the years.

This validates the industry's reputation for being resistant to modernization, especially with the use of ConTech in the country. On the other hand, since JCVA deeply values innovation, searching for new solutions to offer better services and results to clients is a top priority. Today, JCVA already utilizes ConTech and even pioneered the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for its sector in the country, providing a tremendous complementary balance between services and technology being offered by the company.

"We are always on the lookout for new cutting-edge technologies that we can use to make our team more efficient and productive and gain a competitive advantage," Valderama added.

Learn more about the new technologies we're utilizing at JCVA from our previous blog here!

Coaching Future Leaders of ConTech with Formworx

Although new technological advancements are now being made available, this creates another hurdle that needs to be addressed: the need for highly skilled workers to handle tech.

As construction industry professionals turn to technology to increase productivity, the modernization of construction processes will require a workforce ready to integrate their tech-focused knowledge and skill sets with industry strategy. Doing so will also help improve site and safety conditions while reducing the cost and timeline of construction.

When asked if the company has felt a shortage of skilled workers with advanced technical skills and experience, Valderama says, "We encountered resistance initially in the adoption of technology, but we are fortunate that our demographics are—I would say—young and tech-savvy."

It is undeniable that those who were raised with technological advancements have the shortest learning curves because they have already experienced the benefits of these innovations firsthand. This introduces an opportunity to entice younger, more tech-savvy workers to the field.

To help alleviate this challenge, JCVA takes the ultimate steps to improve through education and hands-on training. The internship program, Formworx, was started by JCVA this year to help equip the younger generation to handle ConTech. Ultimately, this enables the younger generation not just to get a leg up on the competition for careers within the construction industry but also to hone future leaders of ConTech.

Are you interested in being part of JCVA's Formworx? Email us at or visit to learn more.


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