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Gen Z Influencing Design and Architecture

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Gen Z is the generation that was born during the peak of internet usage. They have used every way to communicate with the outside world to stay in touch, which has made them more flexible, agile, and curious. These traits are also influenced by the media platforms they are exposed to, how fast and easy it is to get information, how interactive the digital space they use is, and how much they use technology in their daily lives. They also care about diversity and look for connections between things that don't seem related and try to include everyone they can along the way.

But how do they affect design and architecture? This blog will look at the variables contributing to Generation Z's impact on the industry!

Architecture Has Gone Digital

Since architecture has gone digital, the technological skill set required for the field now fits Gen Z perfectly. Gen Z is more likely than previous generations to pick up on the industry's usage of cutting-edge technologies, including augmented and virtual reality, building information modeling, nanotechnology, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. Another great thing is that nowadays, you may find architectural designs in both the physical and virtual worlds. With the help of architects, modern games can constantly improve immersion by mixing architecture to create a more realistic atmosphere and by playing with emotions, sentiments, and sensations.

The Voice of Social Media

Social media has given Generation Z members a platform to raise awareness about critical social issues and promote their causes. An outstanding demonstration of this point would be how Gen Z can promote contemplation and awareness on a wide variety of topics, including urban issues, through the simple use of a hashtag. Their influence on a global scale has made it possible for them to change how their generation views controversial topics and has forced previous generations' old mindsets to shy away from these issues.

Hunger For Skill Development

One of the strengths of Generation Z is an appreciation for connecting worlds and combining multiple trains of thought. The additional expertise gained when studying architecture can open up a wide range of new subjects to concentrate on outside just architecture. There are currently more architectural graduates working in other creative industries, such as fashion, design, advertising, agronomy, and even the culinary arts. One outstanding illustration of this would be a well-known architect who also studied confectionery to include architectural elements in his stunningly beautiful dessert creations.

Eco Consciousness

Generation Z is the most environmentally conscious generation we've ever seen. They understand that the building industry is responsible for about 40% of greenhouse gas emissions, and it motivates them to do what they do best: change the narrative. They are making sure their opinions are heard, which could lead to positive change through increased pressure on construction and manufacturing industries to adopt environmentally friendly procedures and materials. Companies worldwide are now hiring consultants to help them include eco-friendly designs in their projects after realizing the importance of sustainability.

Gen Z will bring people with vast skills and knowledge that defy imagination, allowing them to help change how we perceive architecture. Architectural design has a bright future, and the building process in the coming years will evolve, as well as the way we design! But one thing remains certain, there is still an increasing demand for design that benefits everyone and addresses current issues, and there is no doubt that good design will continue to be rewarded.


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