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I’m Lovin Tech: Building An Experience of the Future with McDonald’s

3D fries of Mcdonalds

We've witnessed all kinds of businesses adapting to new technology to boost their customer experience. The famous McDonald's is one of them—and now, you can have your Happy Meal served much faster!

McDonald's all over the world has already jumped into making customer experience a lot more convenient than ever before through their Experience of the Future (EOTF) restaurant feature, and they are finally here in the Philippines.

Serving a Taste of the Future

As a result of the restrictions brought upon by the pandemic, new ways to use technology to address these needs have been getting more attention. JCVA has worked together with McDonald's and has successfully utilized these through interactive displays in their branches— following their EOTF vision that encourages digital involvement and less human interaction when ordering and claiming food.

The project's primary goal is to make all McDonald's locations EOTF, which will speed up technological advancement in the food business. JCVA took part in the store kickoff, the introduction of store operations, the involvement of contractors, and the fit-out construction proper until a store would be fully available again for the public.

Working on a project from the Food & Beverage industry is a unique and challenging experience. All stores that were worked on were fully operational stores which meant working on the store at night while expecting it to be open and doing business during the day. Here's how JCVA worked with McDonald's in providing a better customer experience!


The new template allowed by Mcdonald's focuses more on modular features to enable store maintenance and possible future refurbishment to be a lot easier and more sustainable. This also allows the business to adapt to the rapidly changing market and customer demands where technology is heavily involved in customer engagement.


Ordering and claiming food is made more convenient for customers and staff through Self-ordering Kiosks (SoK) and Information Technology (IT) upgrades. This allows orders to be directly diverted to the kitchen monitors, lessening the usual time spent lining up at cashiers while enabling the store to update menu displays remotely easily.

Efficiency & Functionality

Following the plan and standard of EOTF allows the space for kitchen retrofitting and the front counter to cater to high volume of orders with high consideration of how the crew moves. Using a Self-ordering Kiosk (SOK) guarantees that customers are able to order faster.


The food and beverage industry also has different standards to be followed, and JCVA needed to make sure that Food Safety and Handling were top priorities while we were building. Every area was properly boarded up and covered by tarps, which also doubles as a McDonald's marketing, to completely cover the space under construction and separate it from areas that are operational.

JCVA As Your Partner In Project Success

Finishing 107 McDonald's stores in 2022—and counting—is a significant accomplishment for JCVA. Our consistent high client satisfaction is achieved through our team's hard work, commitment, and passion for learning and developing new approaches to accomplish excellence. No matter how big or small your project is, quality assurance and risk management remain our top priorities while guaranteeing on-time and within-budget delivery.

Find out how you can incorporate innovative technology solutions into your projects with JCVA! Email us at or visit to learn more about our services.

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