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JCVA Adding Flair for a Retail Revolution: Lazada NOAH

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Lazada Group (Lazada) is a multinational e-commerce company and one of Southeast Asia's largest e-commerce operators. Lazada is one of Southeast Asia's leading online shopping and selling destinations, with a strong presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Lazada's expansion across the APAC regions, with a customer-first approach, transcends this promise through its overall brand experience on all of its workspaces.

This leads us to JCVA's most exciting task to date - to fulfill Project Management for LazadaPH New Office and Home (NOAH). Our objective is to see through this project from start to completion. Read more about our ongoing journey with one of APAC's most significant online retail platforms.

Global Expectations

The JCVA team is working closely with a multinational designer on this project. The expectations for this project are very high, and the plans that we are executing are certainly challenging.

We are going all hands on deck and showcasing the very best of our abilities and skills. This becomes possible through the robust tools that help our Project Managers with optimizing their work. Using JCVA's Agile and Vault, we easily plan, track, monitor specific tasks, and determine the resources for the completion of the projects within budget and on time.

Success Over Obstacles

Landlord rules and policies are among the daily challenges we encounter with the project. There are design plans that are challenging to handle, and the project course needs to be precise and stern. Our years of experience remain steadfast and the goals of this project remain attainable through our seasoned expertise in the industry.

We expect that with Lazada's global reputation, all eyes will be on this project. JCVA and Lazada are doing their best collaboration to provide the most desirable project outcome possible. JCVA does this by properly implementing the plans and guaranteeing a functional workforce all throughout the project duration.

The Benefits of Agile & Vault in JCVA's Project Management

Agile & Vault is an excellent tool we use for managing projects. It allows our Project Managers to easily create and track tasks, assign responsibilities and deadlines, and collaborate with team members and other stakeholders. Project Management is no longer a chore; with tools such as Agile & Vault, our team's capabilities can immediately improve the workflow while helping improve this project's quality as well. Project Managers can track activity and performance in real time, providing better control and documentation on every detail along the way. With this, all stakeholders gain complete control over every aspect of the project.

By incorporating this cloud-based platform into our Project Management roles, we help our teams track progress and plan projects with precision. Such solutions provide users with granular control to customize processes, assign tasks with ease, and access real-time project performance metrics to identify project health.

The program also features advanced analytics that helps managers make informed decisions on project progress and identify areas for improvement.

Moreover, our Project Management program offers a powerful suite of analytic tools to help construction managers determine progress and prioritize improvements. With its dynamic approach to problem-solving, the Project Management system is a valuable asset for a construction team looking to stay ahe