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Vault: Cloud Technology Help Your Project Thrive

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Thanks to advancements in cloud computing, project management is smoother than ever before. Everything from processing to storage to data handling is done in remote servers or data farms. In other words, as long as you have an internet connection, you can access your data whenever and wherever you are!

Here are a few reasons out of the many why cloud technology can help your project thrive!


In the construction industry, most work and interaction with clients occurs at the work site. Workers and supervisors in the construction industry frequently travel between numerous different job sites and the office. In order to reduce potential problems and ensure the smooth completion of projects, it is essential that managers have total visibility into all aspects of operations. Cloud computing provides convenient, anytime, anywhere access to construction information and software. It only needs an internet-enabled device, and you will be able to access tons of data made available in the project's respective cloud.


Worksite information had to be manually recorded before, such as by writing it down on paper! A failure to record data correctly can lead to lost time, stalled productivity, and incorrect outcomes. Employees and supervisors can easily share files, documents, and status reports in real-time. This information is accessible from anywhere in the company by anyone else that has been granted access. Management can benefit from analytical data generated to aid in foreseeing project outcomes and mitigating risks.


Cameras and robotics on-site in construction can be linked to a cloud backend allowing firms to control and receive data. Your cloud technology creates the groundwork for the ever-needed automated construction of the future. With technologies such as OpenSpace, any work progress and modifications on-site may be immediately recorded and tracked. These data can be saved in the cloud and accessed by management whenever they want to.

Find out more about OpesSpace in our previous blog here!


Companies tend to have lower costs when projects are finished more efficiently due to reduced labor hours, less rework, and other factors. With each job, this equals lower expenses and higher revenues. Having cloud storage can streamline tasks and will I help your team complete tasks more swiftly. In terms of opening doors to more projects, you will always have access to all project data in advance, allowing companies to make more accurate and timely bidding decisions.


Cloud service companies strive to implement cutting-edge security procedures and standards to protect their customers' data while it is stored in the cloud. Cloud storage can safeguard you against problems like these, in contrast to local servers, which might potentially leave your system vulnerable to theft and damage to data.

JCVA Vaulting Project Success

Dealing with project documentation and data streaming in and out for your stakeholders has always been difficult, and if things go out of hand, it will cost you a lot of money down the drain.

JCVA recognizes all the benefits that come with utilizing cloud technology. This is why JCVA launched VAULT, a secure cloud storage service intended exclusively for all of your construction project reports and data as stakeholders work on them. Ultimately, this simplifies document management while minimizing the risks and hazards that could arise in the absence of a cloud-based management solution.


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